Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shark Attack at Kahului

Red Water

Do you really want to know that a shark attacked someone just downwind of Kitebeach? Well, it happened and there are more out there too. So, what do you do? Keep your heart rate down, don't swim, surf or kite in the red water and keep cool, stay verticle and hopefully everything will be fine. This shark story only took a few hours before it circulated through the island. So...... Here's how it went down, as told by Kai Barger:
"It was a northeast swell so we went to Ledges, and it was actually my first time surfing out there. It's a shifty, slingshot-type of wave. We scored it in the morning and then it turned onshore so we went to eat and then came back.
Dusty [Payne], Granger [Larson], Tanner [Hendrickson] and I paddled back out after lunch. And out of nowhere these two bodyboarders came out. They almost looked out-of-place being out there. They had a hard time catching waves. They ended up going about 20 yards out-the-back to try and roll into a few.
Dusty had just broken his board and was swimming in and then we hear this kid screaming bloody murder. We thought they saw a shark and we started talking about it, 'cause Tanner saw a shark there a few days before. But we looked outside and they were 20 to 30 yards out-the-back and weren't waving us down for help or anything. They were stuck in the rip and didn't get in to us for like five minutes.
When they got closer, we asked them, "What's the deal? Did you see a shark?" And they're like, "No, we got attacked." I didn't believe it, so I asked to see. And the kid lifted up his leg and his flipper was completely gone and his foot was a full-on hamburger patty. I go, "OK, we gotta go in."
Because he had a rubber fin on, we all got away with it. If it had been anyone of us, we'd have no foot right now."
-- Kai Barger

"His friend couldn't help much on his bodyboard, so it was pretty much up to Tanner and I. The kid looked like he was in a state of shock. He looked like he saw a ghost. But he was actually surprisingly calm. He wasn't screaming or crying or anything.
This kid had been bleeding for almost 10 minutes at that point but we couldn't really put a tourniquet on him in the water because of all the waves rushing. So he grabbed both our leashes and we paddled as hard as we could to the beach. The whole way in we talked him through it, like, "You're going to be OK. You just survived a shark attack. You're still going to have a foot."
When we got him to the beach, I ripped off my leash and tied the tourniquet right above his knee. He had a pretty nasty cut going all the way up his shin. His friend's dad called the ambulance. We elevated his leg on his boogieboard. We were right in town so the ambulance came right away.
Lucky thing, he had a big rubber fin on his foot. I think that's what saved his foot. The shark probably didn't like that and moved on. It was almost like that kid sacrificed himself."

Today, there were more sightings off Kanaha, enough that lifeguards had removed all the surfers, yet suspiciously not the SUPers.
Aloha and Good Luck

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Swiss Cheese

There are many sides to kite on Maui. Each spot has it's own difficulties launching and landing. If you have kited elsewhere, Maui is a terminal nightmare. The wind has been minimal at best, so everyone is traveling around looking for wind times and spots to be able to kite the bare scintilla of a breeze. Luckily, my buddy Oliver, a light wind master, patrols the islands always on a ready. He and his brother and navigator Phillip, made it to Kihei for a late sess. It seems that through thousands of KBR reporters they where caught on camera trying to get a monster kite out of a tree. How did it get in there and why? The Swiss are very secretive and protective of all information. How the Swiss guard ever let out these pics we can only speculate.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today, I had a SUP session at Lowers. Little did I know, my twin was on the other side of the planet riding and SUP as well. If you really look at my twin, and that sweet beard, he is a gooferfooter, I am regular. A couple times I felt a glitch in the system as I went right and he went left, each on a parallel course from a center point drawing lines away from each other. My ears popped, eyes bulged, and released some gas; then I reverted back to my normal status of sucking at SUP. He, on the other hand, caught a super long left and got barrelled at the end of the movie.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deep Blue

Looking deep into my crystal ball, what do I see. Well, some forecasts would have you believe there isn't going to be wind until Friday. Nyet. Looking deeper, I find some nice conditions coming in starting Tuesday, and I dare say maybe even Monday late. How dare I predict this. On low end of a forecast predicted by a massive computer system where everyone follows like buffalo off a cliff, it is wrong and I am right. Let's look past all the media induced hypnosis, I take an embryonic approach and it works. So, watch and learn.
There will be surf all week.
Mon: 12-17 N Late
Tues: 15-22 E
Wed: 20-26 NE
Thurs: 22-28 NE
Fri: 23-30 NE
Sat: 24-30 NE

If you don't believe me...cross check everyday after the fact. Aloha and good luck
Saturday Night Shaping
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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Great Escape

Old Man Winter

As the winter starts to come down, most kiting has disappeared like the wind. The daily routine is the same, but I am laid-off. Deep tracks worn in the sand are gone, replaced by a gentle sloping beach; pristine albeit a dog walker or fisherman. There are days of surf and no wind. I still make the drive down Haleakala, car filled with surfboards, my dog or kites all landing at kitebeach or beyond. Surfing in Maui can be incredible or crowded and even both. Switching gears from kiting to surfing is just a physical thing. Getting those muscles back only to be lost once the wind returns. Every summer I get lots of comments about grinding the beach everyday, and why I work so hard. Simply put, just a squirrel putting away the nuts. My body is healed, and now I can focus on the season ahead. New tricks, many many more waves and expanding my teaching knowledge. If you want to be a kiteboard instructor you have to know how manage your winter.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

FAA date changed to 21 December

FAA Safety Meeting is scheduled for December 21st 2010 at 10:30am at the Kanaha Canoe Hale.
Maui Kitesurfing Community members operate under Federal Aviation Administration ( certificate of waiver, which authorizes kiteboarding near Kahului Airport.

Do you wanna Join the Maui Kitesurfing Community? 25 bucks for a year..100 lifetime. Contributions and membership dues allow us to purchase insurance necessary to carry the FAA waiver, print MKC safe riding guideline brochures, and maintain our web site, mauikitesurfing.org. Membership is for 1 (one) calendar year of signing. Dues are payable upon enrollment. Check out the website: http://www.mauikitesurf.org

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jonnyboy...this is some funny shit again

Jonnyboy told about these guys from the mainland, I think Montana. This guy had minimum kite experience, loving the reef off Lanes. I love the way he tries to put his board on in 2 inches of water in the midst of a shorepound on a razor sharp reef. My buddy KC is constantly amazed about how little reaction there is when people breakdown at Kitebeach. Really, working and kiting on the Northshore is like working at a demolition project. Sure, in the beginning it is neat, then the carnage becomes ordinary almost mundane. The faces change, but the same stupid things happen over and over.

Bloody Lanes - Debauchery of Kitesurfing Maui from Jon McCabe on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's just a question

Is there going to be wind tomorrow? Today was fantastic! Sorry, I didn't know. I looked at four different forecasts and still don't know. I got a call from my boss at 10:30 am saying there was wind: I was in the middle of my soap operas and looked at the OGG wind: V-3 mph N. I ran outside, and saw the caps from the chateau. Shit. The Maui Kitebeach Report isn't perfect. That's impossible! How am I supposed to be reliable source? Luckily, I am at the beach everyday, so if you trust me...I will let you know what the wind will be tomorrow....windy

Friday, December 10, 2010

Windsurfers vs Kitesurfers

A fight over the rights

Maui Kitesurfing vs Windsurfing
Posted on November 14, 2010 by jeffbennett
FAA Safety Meeting Scheduled December 22nd 2010 at 9:30am at the Kanaha Canoe Hale.
As mandated by the FAA kiteboarding waiver, the waiver holder is required to hold an annual kiteboarding safety meeting.
FAA representatives, Kiteboarders and community are invited to attend.
Check out this link

Deep thoughts

Ok I have done a lot of thinking about this subject and read what this site is trying to accomplish with the idea of limiting kiteboarding around the airport. My first thought goes back to days of when I first started snowboarding in the late 80's. These are the same exact people trying to bully and control through complaints. As you can see, snowboarding, luckily for us, turned out to be a fad. As a concerned Maui kiteboarder, I feel it is my duty to show my community spirit and show my presence. I am not worried about the FAA taking away kiteboarding, but the winds of change are upon us, and it is important to show these curmudgeons a show of unity. I really don't mind sharing the water or the waves. Time to open up the boarders and allow equal access to all north shore spots. Read this guys blog and be curtious and mindful if you respond.
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Aloha and good luck

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trades in the Future

Ok windies...here is the update: We got Kona's. The surf has been superfun. But, on the horizon...Maui Kitebeach Report 2.0 is coming out soon. I am changing the format. There is going to be a little more consistantancy with the blog report. On Tuesday and Friday there will be a weather and surf report. Then on Sunday a once a week The Kite Line: A look into Kitebeach personalities. As usual, there will still be the Maui Mini Movie periodically. Then a little different interactive format for the site: Trickstarr, a program to help the average kiter improve. In the future, I am hoping to add the Maui KB session log. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to leave a comment. Aloha and good luck r528

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Flip the switch

Ok windies, today the wind and the surf has really dropped off. The wind is doing the winter dance and going from trades to kona. So, tomorrow through the full week the wind will lighten then blow strong konas. As for the surf, right now it's waist to shoulder high. The surf will will take a hiatus and then north swell will bang in on wednesday. Aloha and good luck