Sunday, October 24, 2010


The boys did a great job on this one. Aaron doing a great job and ripping too.

Winds of Kahului from Aaron Blankenbyl on Vimeo.

Quik Cast for next week

A series of gales is developing all tracking fast just north of Hawaii then build as they move east and out of the swell window. Limited sideband windswell possible. But of more interest is a gale that tracked just barely off Kamchatka on Tues (10/29) with 40 kt west winds and 26 ft seas, with much 25 kt westerly follow-on fetch pushing over the dateline with seas in the 18 ft range Thurs-Sat (10/23). 11 sec windswell to be the result. This is all the direct result of a shift to the Active Phase of the Madden Julian Oscillation, and is expected to continue for the next 2-3 weeks. Long term another moderate gale is forecast tracking over the dateline Sun-Tues (10/26) with 26 ft seas initially west of the dateline, then fading while pushing well north of the Islands. More modest sized northwest swell is possible late week.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guessing game????

Is there wind? You all know I like the whole place to myself. So do you take a risk or sit on your ass and watch tv. To be or not be...the answer'll just have to wait. Aloha and good luck

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just another rainy day's raining. The winds are light and outta the ne about 4 to 8. The surf is starting to show. As the day goes on, the surf is going to get bigger, just below advisory level. The wind forecast is varible. My personal opinion is the if it starts to clear the wind...if it stays rainy..well you know the story... Aloha and good luck

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Ring

When I watched this I assumed that the 2012 and Mayan calendar was correct, gloom and doom. A post apocalyptic surf world. The music was wild and strange. It was hypnotic...a ring of perfect surf. But, luckily, I already have's called a kite. I really don't have to go in circle...wait...yes I do, if I want to come back home. Trippy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Journey

This is so close to us. At the end of this year, Maui is banning all plastic bags. I know we are a small island, it's a good start. Get started, and get the reusable bags next time you shop. Aloha and good luck!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hand Built...makes you think

More Air
A Canadian university student at the University of Toronto, Todd Reichert, made history by piloting a human powered wing-flapping plane. Leonardo DiVinci dreamed of this thousands of years ago but these students were the first to do it successfully. In order to fly the plane, the pilot had to pedal with his legs all while pulling on the wings to flap at the same time. All this had to be done fast enough to get off the ground. The plane, named Snowbird, was made from carbon fiber, balsa wood, and foam and was flown for 19.3 seconds, covering 475.72 feet. In order to prep for the flight, Todd went through a year long exercise program to lose 18 pounds. Now that is some commitment to get the plane into the air. The problem of flapping-wing flight has been tackled by countless engineers and craftsmen, but until recently only moderate success had been achieved. This student engineered and built plane was the first to complete it successfully. Now for kites.....

HPO Flight from U of T Engineering on Vimeo.

Surf n turf

Ok windies...a quick wind report. A little light, a little morning sickness. Well, here we go. The surf is running about 3 to 6 with a north swell running. The wind is still light out of the ne about 30 degrees, 10 to 14 mph. We are just waiting for the initial bump and then we are on for the next week.