Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little change

Alert:I just started noticing other blog posts that aren't able to post video's through emails. So, for now all the daily video reports will go through Vimeo. I will try to shoot an email to accompany it, so those of you with cellular devises will get a written report.

Forecast: Tomorrow, the wind should lighten up a little...small kites and diminishing swell. Friday looks like the money day, even a little lighter, but still windy. In fact, the wind should be hammering into next week. Aloha and good luck!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Working hard on the daily

So, as you have noticed the daily report had a short run of difficulties. I have a team of experts working on this as we speak. It will be fixed hopefully by tomorrow. So I will give you a forecast.
Report:Windy, windy and really windy!!! For the next couple of days morning is going to be your best bet before the afternoon gauntlet arrives. If it goes over 35 you are on your own, so be careful, manage your game and take it easy. Also, I rather large NW swell is on the way, so if you are not an!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

King Kong vs Godzilla

Sean vs. Jesse

Today, it was pretty much "classic". The winds and weather put together a great day for a photo shoot. As you know, I was right in the middle of it, well a little down wind. I put together this video of the boys ripping it up. The real photographers were out, and I was in the background catching all the action. Charles, my intern, caught the return of Shawn Richman from Spring Break. Jesse was out doing his thing and then, as it became late afternoon, it was truly the "Richman Hour" Watching these two is unbelievable.

Report: The high pressure builds and so does the surf, looks like a classic week. Get your muscles ready!

Friday, March 26, 2010

This is just too funny!!!!

Alright, with April Fool's just around the corner, I had to throw in this one too. This is so funny, I just love it. I read so many responses about how the below kite video is bad for kiting. So, is this bad for a 5 year old who just got his first Slip'N Slide???? Have fun...if there are more of these, shoot me an email so I can post it and keep the fun going!!!
Big Pucker

Kite Source: Answering Kiteforums Conundrums:3

The building jump: I watched this thing 30 times. Conclusion...STFU!!!! It looks real to decide.
Are you kidding??????

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toast and a 60 ft monster

Toast 53.5ft on the way to 60ft


Toast: Style Under Pressure

If you have ever parked a chair on the really nuking days in front of the Pro Pool, you may have seen one of Maui's biggest jumpers: Ryan Toaspern aka Toast. Toast is hard to miss, with the big jumps with mega-loops, backroll kiteloops and many other super technical tricks is a local standout. Today, Toast was telling us about his new toy. The Shadow Box: Shadowbox, its got a GPS, accelerometer and has a few more sensors in it. So, it records all the data and then you can import it into google Earth or look through it on the software that comes with it. Now you can analyze the height, speed and a number of other things when you kite. In his last session, he got 53.5 feet high. He then told me he pulled 7.5 G's on one of his mega-loops. His next goal is 60 feet. So, now you can call out all your buddies B.S. on high they really got. If you are interested in trying this devise come down and I will direct you to him. If you want to contact him at:

Add a litta flava

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Be prepared

Today, like many days on the islands, things happened quick. The wind shot up from 10 to 11 fast, a kite switch was in order. Also, the surf really picked up all day long. Now, I was out there and caught some bombs and it was incredible. I bring this up because when I go out the back I always stay within my means. I saw a lot of twin tips farther out than usual. Most of the time, this is OK, but to me as a life long surfer I feel that these riders are not experienced enough to handle the really big surf. I have some simple recommendations if your decide to take on the bigger waves. 1. Learn how to ride a strapped or strapless surfboard. These boards have much better control in the heavy water. 2. If you are going to do tricks...stay inside. 3. Watch, learn and take it slow. 4. Be prepared to dump everything, get pounded and swim in 200 yards. Don't assume someone will be there to get you in. 5. Where a floaty...that way if you end up ditching your gear, it will be easier. 6. Fly and ride with a partner. 7. Lastly: There is no shame if you stay inside. 30+ with 10 to 15 ft sets is OK to watch too. Stay safe and good luck

NE30° 15MPH 10+surf soft n chewy

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just a little style

I still love to watch Hadlow. I wish Jesse would come down and I could film him, them analyze his moves. I love the new school. It's progressive, technical and just fun to watch. I still have a hard time with the foil kites and toe pointing spins. The one with the biggest grin on their face at the end of the day wins.
Hadlow rips it up

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mini Post

Just a quick post, basically to rid you of the art video I posted a week ago that constantly plays when you open up the site. Today, I rode a 15m for the first time in a while and was lit. There is something about the uplift of a big kite. No pictures, no movie...just use your imagination.

Report: Variable winds tomorrow. If you have the patience, wait, there may be wind for 45 minutes sometime during the day. Probably Tuesday a slight return of the trades. There is a good chance I'll be on the south shore catching this early season south. Aloha and good luck

3 choices

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kite Source: Answering Kiteforums Conundrums:2

Question: Volare: The Movie

Answer: Volare is the latest mini movie from Flysurfer. Now, if you don't know about Flysufer it is the latest and greatest in the foil kite industry. There were many posts about this vid, some hot some cold; some as being totally out of date, to others defending the riders to the core. For full disclosure, Toby who runs Kiteforum is the main star of the movie. Now, I watched it twice, and here are the results: At first, I was giggling like a school girl, at the tricks. The spins, oh the spins, how many can we throw, circling the kite, higher and higher. The board offs, the deadman's, the flicks, twists, twirls, flicks, bounces, bumps, flicks, flops, jolts, pulls, quakes, quivers, shivers, snags, thrusts, tugs, tweaks, twitches, wiggles, wrenches, wriggles, and yanks. I kept thinking, "boy are these kites big" Then it came to me, we all watched Shawn White in the Olympics...just so much better, higher, faster, not to mention style. So, I rate this movie...HTTM...Hot Tub Time Machine. These guys are dreaming they could go back in time and win the 2002 King of the Air. (Did you notice how Toby looked a little like me...but missing the front portion of his hair????)

Volare: Let's get this party started

VOLARE - The Movie from Flysurfer Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

E60° 15mph 10ft Sugar coated with a sprinkle of suprise

Monday, March 15, 2010

Create your life

Kiteboarding in Maui is my passion and job. Yet, living in Maui, it brings you to another level of living. Gone are the days of late nights at the restaurants and bars. Each day brings a new adventure in the sun, wind and waves. After getting home, I peruse the web looking to feed the muse. Making little video shorts, writing in the blog, and sometimes breaking out the brush and doing a little painting relieve the tension from the day. Maui brings out the artist in me and a lot of my friends. Watch the little movie; then get inspired, turn off the TV, get some Jazz going and release some beauty.
Art is what you make it

NE30°15-22surf 10-15+

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stretch your limits

Today, was not like every other day. It was light, fun, easy riding. I rode my big kite and jumped around like a ping-pong ball. I had the pro-pool to myself. That was the first hour. Then, the wind shifted a little more north and and a bunch of people came out. I felt the ride area compress. Then, I felt the urge to get out. Each track I gained about fifty feet, making sure not to lose any ground on my turns, watching the water for certain patterns. If I saw glass patches, I turned around; if I got a pulse I kept the line. I was about a hundred yards out further than all the other kiters when I found a sweet spot. It was perfect wind, a little bump of surf that stretched for two hundred yards into Naish beach. Once, up to Naish beach the chops came back and I swooped back to the sweet spot. If felt good to cruise, relax and enjoy a good sail.
At first funny, then scary...

15mph NE 35°on the rise

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kite Source: Answering Kiteforums Conundrums

Question: Can you convert an old windsurfer into kite race board?

Well, after reading all the posts, my answer is yes. Kite racing is still really new. Think about how NASCAR began, it was a bunch of moonshiners who got together on Saturday nights to race. The first time I saw a kite race board, I thought it was a chopped in half longboard. There are going to be problems, but from these problems, new and better solutions are going to occur. As with surfing, custom building lets the boards evolve. Don't let anybody tell you "no" when it comes to customizing something, originality breeds innovation.

My Old Longboard?

An old ironing board


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Dirty South

Scary Slab

The Dirty South - Teaser from BENWILSONVISION on Vimeo.

Alright, you all need to check out this flick by Ben Wilson. All you have to do is go to and throw them an email. You then get to watch this flick. This right hand slab looks scary. Don't get caught, or this monster will eat you and your kite.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Red Bull King of the Air Maui Kiteboarding

Whatever appened to the really big airs? The board offs, table tops and deadman's? A little blast from the past. History can teach us and entertain us as well. Watch and Learn.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do not pass. Do not go. Straight to jail.

Check me out...oh wait..How much?
Robby and Red Bull

Get the spray can ready, because the county of Maui will soon ban all advertisement pulled by planes, giant kites and other aircraft. The County of Economic Development is in favor of a countywide ban on advertising by "self propelled or buoyant aircraft." This measure is to prevent "flashy" advertising in the air. The penalty would be a fine from 25$ to 500$ and up to three months in jail. So, what does this mean? Who the hell knows. I am saddened by this, due to the fact Red Bull just offered me an obscene amount of money to stick their logo on my kites for more visibility from those massive airs I throw. Check out The Maui News March 5 for the entire article written by Chris Hamilton.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jumpin Jack Flash

Have you been out lately? Well, it has been nuking. Yesterday, nine kites went "runaway", today another five. The wind has been double diamond with ice. Extremely large surf has been pounding the outside reefs, turning the inside into a washing machine. I watched the boys jump out of the gym. There were plenty of over 30 foot airs. Small kites allowed everyone to blast into orbit. I threw together this movie to give you idea how it was. My buddy Nate bought me a sixer to film him. So Nate, you are the star, and everyone else are just the extras.

Report: Windy for a couple more days. The surf is going to drop some. Don't dispair, another one is on the way.

Tidbit: Hawaii usually gets an average of 15 swells a year. This year we have already had 45!!!

Maui Mini Movie: Jumpin Jack Flash from Rick Dobrowski on Vimeo.