Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maui Mini Movie: Alien vs Predator

This was probably the funnest movie to shoot. I got some really gnarly days that turned out to be really extreme. The water housing was really neat to use. I really think I could be addicted to the housing. Could I swim one of those bad-boys out to lanes on a big day....we shall see. Aloha and Good Luck

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swells well

Ok windies...looks super fun for the am...we have some foreshadow swell rolling in..and its blowing pretty good. Small to medium kites will be the order of the day. Bring those surfboards cause it's gonna get big. Aloha and good luck

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Big Picture

Get your lines ready!!!?

This morning I got two new kite magazines to peruse for my morning routine. Just as usual, I was looking at all the pictures, read some of the articles and laugh at the gear reviews. I got a little deeper and saw subject that has been passed around kite beach: group kiting. The idea that there has a be a big event to draw thousands of kiters to kite together for some race, event or charity is ludicrous. I was talking my buddy Kacey yesterday and the BVI kite jam came up. According to him, there is a small number of kiters on the island. Real Kiteboarding shows up at their doorstep with 300 hundred kiters. Can you imagine trying to get a session in at your local break. Then, I was looking at the La Ventana crossing, and was amazed by all the kites jamming out to the island and back. This recent trend is disturbing. The most laughable "kite party" is someone is trying to organize a world record kite crossing here on Maui. Let's not forget the Mai-Tai event in May. Sad, but true.

Realistically, these are all good in spirit, but reality do nothing for the local kiter or community at large. I come from a surfing background and the main objective was to escape from the crowds, not join them. All these clinics, jams, events seem to always be put on by outsiders trying to cash in, whether through straight-up money or indirect advertising. For me, I always love to take to on the lone wolf, ready for action to do some lessons, not the masses flapping like locusts devouring the countryside.

If you need me, I'll be downwind, in front of the myself or with a friend or two...Aloha and Good Luck

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day of Days: Tsunami Sessions

Some days are not like others. The energy on the day of the tsunami was chaotic, you could just feel it in the air. After having ten plus people crash at my house, I was fatigued, over exhausted and just wired out. We drove down to the beach just to check things out. I basically made one of my worst movies that has recently got more than 12000 hits on You Tube. People want to know.
I didn't want to drive home yet, all the beaches were closed, just a quick check of Lanes. We arrived to see only kites up. The windsurfers were locked out and only the brave ones dropped off the rock to get out. Lanes, nasty old lanes was open, and the kiters were on it. I walked out to the point, cringing of how perfect it was and shot some film.
Only once in a long while this happens: The Point and Middles being dominated by kiters. Usually, the horn sounds by the lifeguards, and you have to go down wind to Lanes. But today, with every beach closed it was the Super Session that ever Maui kiter has been looking for...epic Point. In Maui we are blessed with great people, a beautiful culture and insane wind and waves. Watching all the events in Japan our thoughts and prayers go out to them. If you can donate a little money. Aloha, good luck ,watch and enjoy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maui Mini Movie: Peahi All-Stars

OK.. Check out this Maui Mini Movie Syndication of Peahi All-Stars. I didn't realize how big this swell was and we have another moderate one on the way. Beautiful filming videography and editing by Heather Hobler. Check out those monsters rolling in and the crazy paddle guys ramping over the top...really scary!!! I need to find a sponsor to get my ass out there and do some filming. I love all the shots from the cliff. I just want to say that I really respect all these chargers whether paddle, SUP, tow-in, windsurf or kite. The Peahi All-Stars did it again! Aloha and Good Luck

peahi all-stars from hjh on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jaws Nation

The perfect view

Destruction and Redemption

Are you a part of the Jaws Nation? Most of us aren't. But, is sure is cool watching. Monday, as reported, there was an out of season late swell the pounded the North and West shores of Hawaii. Jaws, the great equalizer, was in full swing. There were many star watermen who graced the peak. This day the line-up included: Tow-In, SUP, paddle-in, windsurfers and a rare presence of some kiters. There were faces up to 30 feet and some even larger. Luckily for us, Peter McGowan was out there documenting these sick shots for us. Kai Lenny pulled the trifecta: SUP, windsurfed and towed the trecherous peak. All pictures by: check out his site. Mahalo Peter! Aloha and good luck.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Big winds and surf on the way

We have lift off. Tomorrow, a giant late season NW swell 25 to 35+ waves and then 40+ winds later in the week. Are you ready? Last year during the big winds, we saw some 50 foot airs in the Pro Pool. This little video is super funny, check it out.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Clean-up Community

It was such a great feeling of everyone chipping in and help clean up Kitebeach. The beach has never looked better. Thanks to efforts of about 40 kiters Kitebeach got a facelift. we are all praying for Japan. With much sweat Kitebeach was cleaned and will soon be back in business. Aloha and Good Luck

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami at Kitebeach

Last night around 8:30 or so, flipping through the channels we saw the first live shots of Japan getting blasted by a tsunami. Immediately, the phone calls went out and if you were in the lowlands or in the beach area, you had an invitation to to shelter up at my house. We got 11 guests, and our doors are always open.
Today, waking up a little tired from the guests chatter all night, we decided to go down to Kitebeach to check out the damage. Driving down the hill, we noticed a bright spot in the middle of the harbor. Upon arrival, it was clear that KB got a clobbering. I was expecting to see trash, but instead there was more dense debris like logs and rocks. It was funny, cause at first we thought the beach had been torn away. "Look at how much beach had disappeared" I said scoping out the scene. We walked over to the jetty that connects Kitebeach to Pro Beach. The canal water was calm and as you see in the video that my dog goes in for a dip. Then immediately, the tide turns. In a sense, we really didn't have time to register the incoming tide. It was all surreal. Then the tide came in quick, really quick. For about 3 minutes it roared in. Then, took an about face, and started going out...way out. When I thought in retrospect, I now could see how quickly the waters rose and how just quickly it could overtake you. Not many people have seen the pro pool empty, the Boneyard completely exposed and all the bunkers popped out. It was spooky and we split. After that we drove to Ho'okipa for the sickest kite sessions I have ever seen but that is another story....Tsunami Sessions coming soon.
Tomorrow we are have a beach clean-up at KB in the AM...Aloha and Good Luck

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Desparate but not serious

OK windies the forecast looks great for the next couple of weeks. We got trades and swell coming our way. Luckily, we have all been training for the last couple of months. This is an exclusive look. All the Action Instructors had a special day on the south shore at Kihei learning to kite in 3 mph of wind. Our professional photographer of showed up and filmed (with his iphone) all the action. Check it out. Aloha and good luck
Training Day