Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shark Attack at Kahului

Red Water

Do you really want to know that a shark attacked someone just downwind of Kitebeach? Well, it happened and there are more out there too. So, what do you do? Keep your heart rate down, don't swim, surf or kite in the red water and keep cool, stay verticle and hopefully everything will be fine. This shark story only took a few hours before it circulated through the island. So...... Here's how it went down, as told by Kai Barger:
"It was a northeast swell so we went to Ledges, and it was actually my first time surfing out there. It's a shifty, slingshot-type of wave. We scored it in the morning and then it turned onshore so we went to eat and then came back.
Dusty [Payne], Granger [Larson], Tanner [Hendrickson] and I paddled back out after lunch. And out of nowhere these two bodyboarders came out. They almost looked out-of-place being out there. They had a hard time catching waves. They ended up going about 20 yards out-the-back to try and roll into a few.
Dusty had just broken his board and was swimming in and then we hear this kid screaming bloody murder. We thought they saw a shark and we started talking about it, 'cause Tanner saw a shark there a few days before. But we looked outside and they were 20 to 30 yards out-the-back and weren't waving us down for help or anything. They were stuck in the rip and didn't get in to us for like five minutes.
When they got closer, we asked them, "What's the deal? Did you see a shark?" And they're like, "No, we got attacked." I didn't believe it, so I asked to see. And the kid lifted up his leg and his flipper was completely gone and his foot was a full-on hamburger patty. I go, "OK, we gotta go in."
Because he had a rubber fin on, we all got away with it. If it had been anyone of us, we'd have no foot right now."
-- Kai Barger

"His friend couldn't help much on his bodyboard, so it was pretty much up to Tanner and I. The kid looked like he was in a state of shock. He looked like he saw a ghost. But he was actually surprisingly calm. He wasn't screaming or crying or anything.
This kid had been bleeding for almost 10 minutes at that point but we couldn't really put a tourniquet on him in the water because of all the waves rushing. So he grabbed both our leashes and we paddled as hard as we could to the beach. The whole way in we talked him through it, like, "You're going to be OK. You just survived a shark attack. You're still going to have a foot."
When we got him to the beach, I ripped off my leash and tied the tourniquet right above his knee. He had a pretty nasty cut going all the way up his shin. His friend's dad called the ambulance. We elevated his leg on his boogieboard. We were right in town so the ambulance came right away.
Lucky thing, he had a big rubber fin on his foot. I think that's what saved his foot. The shark probably didn't like that and moved on. It was almost like that kid sacrificed himself."

Today, there were more sightings off Kanaha, enough that lifeguards had removed all the surfers, yet suspiciously not the SUPers.
Aloha and Good Luck

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Swiss Cheese

There are many sides to kite on Maui. Each spot has it's own difficulties launching and landing. If you have kited elsewhere, Maui is a terminal nightmare. The wind has been minimal at best, so everyone is traveling around looking for wind times and spots to be able to kite the bare scintilla of a breeze. Luckily, my buddy Oliver, a light wind master, patrols the islands always on a ready. He and his brother and navigator Phillip, made it to Kihei for a late sess. It seems that through thousands of KBR reporters they where caught on camera trying to get a monster kite out of a tree. How did it get in there and why? The Swiss are very secretive and protective of all information. How the Swiss guard ever let out these pics we can only speculate.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today, I had a SUP session at Lowers. Little did I know, my twin was on the other side of the planet riding and SUP as well. If you really look at my twin, and that sweet beard, he is a gooferfooter, I am regular. A couple times I felt a glitch in the system as I went right and he went left, each on a parallel course from a center point drawing lines away from each other. My ears popped, eyes bulged, and released some gas; then I reverted back to my normal status of sucking at SUP. He, on the other hand, caught a super long left and got barrelled at the end of the movie.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deep Blue

Looking deep into my crystal ball, what do I see. Well, some forecasts would have you believe there isn't going to be wind until Friday. Nyet. Looking deeper, I find some nice conditions coming in starting Tuesday, and I dare say maybe even Monday late. How dare I predict this. On low end of a forecast predicted by a massive computer system where everyone follows like buffalo off a cliff, it is wrong and I am right. Let's look past all the media induced hypnosis, I take an embryonic approach and it works. So, watch and learn.
There will be surf all week.
Mon: 12-17 N Late
Tues: 15-22 E
Wed: 20-26 NE
Thurs: 22-28 NE
Fri: 23-30 NE
Sat: 24-30 NE

If you don't believe me...cross check everyday after the fact. Aloha and good luck
Saturday Night Shaping
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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Great Escape

Old Man Winter

As the winter starts to come down, most kiting has disappeared like the wind. The daily routine is the same, but I am laid-off. Deep tracks worn in the sand are gone, replaced by a gentle sloping beach; pristine albeit a dog walker or fisherman. There are days of surf and no wind. I still make the drive down Haleakala, car filled with surfboards, my dog or kites all landing at kitebeach or beyond. Surfing in Maui can be incredible or crowded and even both. Switching gears from kiting to surfing is just a physical thing. Getting those muscles back only to be lost once the wind returns. Every summer I get lots of comments about grinding the beach everyday, and why I work so hard. Simply put, just a squirrel putting away the nuts. My body is healed, and now I can focus on the season ahead. New tricks, many many more waves and expanding my teaching knowledge. If you want to be a kiteboard instructor you have to know how manage your winter.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

FAA date changed to 21 December

FAA Safety Meeting is scheduled for December 21st 2010 at 10:30am at the Kanaha Canoe Hale.
Maui Kitesurfing Community members operate under Federal Aviation Administration ( certificate of waiver, which authorizes kiteboarding near Kahului Airport.

Do you wanna Join the Maui Kitesurfing Community? 25 bucks for a year..100 lifetime. Contributions and membership dues allow us to purchase insurance necessary to carry the FAA waiver, print MKC safe riding guideline brochures, and maintain our web site, mauikitesurfing.org. Membership is for 1 (one) calendar year of signing. Dues are payable upon enrollment. Check out the website: http://www.mauikitesurf.org

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jonnyboy...this is some funny shit again

Jonnyboy told about these guys from the mainland, I think Montana. This guy had minimum kite experience, loving the reef off Lanes. I love the way he tries to put his board on in 2 inches of water in the midst of a shorepound on a razor sharp reef. My buddy KC is constantly amazed about how little reaction there is when people breakdown at Kitebeach. Really, working and kiting on the Northshore is like working at a demolition project. Sure, in the beginning it is neat, then the carnage becomes ordinary almost mundane. The faces change, but the same stupid things happen over and over.

Bloody Lanes - Debauchery of Kitesurfing Maui from Jon McCabe on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's just a question

Is there going to be wind tomorrow? Today was fantastic! Sorry, I didn't know. I looked at four different forecasts and still don't know. I got a call from my boss at 10:30 am saying there was wind: I was in the middle of my soap operas and looked at the OGG wind: V-3 mph N. I ran outside, and saw the caps from the chateau. Shit. The Maui Kitebeach Report isn't perfect. That's impossible! How am I supposed to be reliable source? Luckily, I am at the beach everyday, so if you trust me...I will let you know what the wind will be tomorrow....windy

Friday, December 10, 2010

Windsurfers vs Kitesurfers

A fight over the rights

Maui Kitesurfing vs Windsurfing
Posted on November 14, 2010 by jeffbennett
FAA Safety Meeting Scheduled December 22nd 2010 at 9:30am at the Kanaha Canoe Hale.
As mandated by the FAA kiteboarding waiver, the waiver holder is required to hold an annual kiteboarding safety meeting.
FAA representatives, Kiteboarders and community are invited to attend.
Check out this link

Deep thoughts

Ok I have done a lot of thinking about this subject and read what this site is trying to accomplish with the idea of limiting kiteboarding around the airport. My first thought goes back to days of when I first started snowboarding in the late 80's. These are the same exact people trying to bully and control through complaints. As you can see, snowboarding, luckily for us, turned out to be a fad. As a concerned Maui kiteboarder, I feel it is my duty to show my community spirit and show my presence. I am not worried about the FAA taking away kiteboarding, but the winds of change are upon us, and it is important to show these curmudgeons a show of unity. I really don't mind sharing the water or the waves. Time to open up the boarders and allow equal access to all north shore spots. Read this guys blog and be curtious and mindful if you respond.
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Aloha and good luck

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trades in the Future

Ok windies...here is the update: We got Kona's. The surf has been superfun. But, on the horizon...Maui Kitebeach Report 2.0 is coming out soon. I am changing the format. There is going to be a little more consistantancy with the blog report. On Tuesday and Friday there will be a weather and surf report. Then on Sunday a once a week The Kite Line: A look into Kitebeach personalities. As usual, there will still be the Maui Mini Movie periodically. Then a little different interactive format for the site: Trickstarr, a program to help the average kiter improve. In the future, I am hoping to add the Maui KB session log. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to leave a comment. Aloha and good luck r528

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Flip the switch

Ok windies, today the wind and the surf has really dropped off. The wind is doing the winter dance and going from trades to kona. So, tomorrow through the full week the wind will lighten then blow strong konas. As for the surf, right now it's waist to shoulder high. The surf will will take a hiatus and then north swell will bang in on wednesday. Aloha and good luck

Sunday, October 24, 2010


The boys did a great job on this one. Aaron doing a great job and ripping too.

Winds of Kahului from Aaron Blankenbyl on Vimeo.

Quik Cast for next week

A series of gales is developing all tracking fast just north of Hawaii then build as they move east and out of the swell window. Limited sideband windswell possible. But of more interest is a gale that tracked just barely off Kamchatka on Tues (10/29) with 40 kt west winds and 26 ft seas, with much 25 kt westerly follow-on fetch pushing over the dateline with seas in the 18 ft range Thurs-Sat (10/23). 11 sec windswell to be the result. This is all the direct result of a shift to the Active Phase of the Madden Julian Oscillation, and is expected to continue for the next 2-3 weeks. Long term another moderate gale is forecast tracking over the dateline Sun-Tues (10/26) with 26 ft seas initially west of the dateline, then fading while pushing well north of the Islands. More modest sized northwest swell is possible late week.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guessing game????

Is there wind? You all know I like the whole place to myself. So do you take a risk or sit on your ass and watch tv. To be or not be...the answer is....you'll just have to wait. Aloha and good luck

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just another rainy day

Ok...it's raining. The winds are light and outta the ne about 4 to 8. The surf is starting to show. As the day goes on, the surf is going to get bigger, just below advisory level. The wind forecast is varible. My personal opinion is the if it starts to clear the wind...if it stays rainy..well you know the story... Aloha and good luck

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Ring

When I watched this I assumed that the 2012 and Mayan calendar was correct, gloom and doom. A post apocalyptic surf world. The music was wild and strange. It was hypnotic...a ring of perfect surf. But, luckily, I already have this...it's called a kite. I really don't have to go in circle...wait...yes I do, if I want to come back home. Trippy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Journey

This is so close to us. At the end of this year, Maui is banning all plastic bags. I know we are a small island, it's a good start. Get started, and get the reusable bags next time you shop. Aloha and good luck!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hand Built...makes you think

More Air
A Canadian university student at the University of Toronto, Todd Reichert, made history by piloting a human powered wing-flapping plane. Leonardo DiVinci dreamed of this thousands of years ago but these students were the first to do it successfully. In order to fly the plane, the pilot had to pedal with his legs all while pulling on the wings to flap at the same time. All this had to be done fast enough to get off the ground. The plane, named Snowbird, was made from carbon fiber, balsa wood, and foam and was flown for 19.3 seconds, covering 475.72 feet. In order to prep for the flight, Todd went through a year long exercise program to lose 18 pounds. Now that is some commitment to get the plane into the air. The problem of flapping-wing flight has been tackled by countless engineers and craftsmen, but until recently only moderate success had been achieved. This student engineered and built plane was the first to complete it successfully. Now for kites.....

HPO Flight from U of T Engineering on Vimeo.

Surf n turf

Ok windies...a quick wind report. A little light, a little morning sickness. Well, here we go. The surf is running about 3 to 6 with a north swell running. The wind is still light out of the ne about 30 degrees, 10 to 14 mph. We are just waiting for the initial bump and then we are on for the next week.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Light wind ruler

Toast on a 15

Yes, the infinite steak of wind is over. The surf has returned but the wind, according to the forecasts is dropping next week. I saw the storm, it's a bomber. I have to figure out how to surf again or ride a big kite. Today, I rode my 15m and people were talking. Now, here on Maui no one rides with wind under 20. But there is an uprising, secret talks of big kites. The big kites are revolting, and they are coming. Last year I was alone, this year....more kiters want in on the action.....call in your orders...get ready...fly those big kites.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The waves are back and summer is disappearing. It was a great summer. There was lots of wind, the sun was intense, and there was some really big airs. This was the summer of airtime. Everyone got some new tricks under their belts. But, now the waves are back. It has slowed down, so I can ride and give a report or two, talk about the haps and return to blogging. Aloha And Good Luck

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekly report

So it's been a long busy summer. I have been slammed doing lessons and slacked off a little. But, the good news is...the winter is coming. So, that means surf. I will giving more reports as the winter begins to light up! Aloha and good luck

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carbon copy

Alright windies...everything looks about the same as yesterday...moderate trades in the mid to upper 20's. This looks like the trend for the next week. Morning medium and steady then in the afternoon it pops up to the high 20's. Aloha and good luck

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Great week ahead

Ok summer is winding down and thw wind has been awesome. We got a nip of a swell but still twin tip conditions. Looks like a great week ahead. Aloha and good luck

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little east

Ok windies, looks pretty fun. It's running in the mid 20s and kinda east. Overall looks great. Aloha and good luck

Monday, August 16, 2010

Maui Mini Movie: String Theory

Just rockin up a new movie... The summer has been long, hot, and windy. It's been flat a long time now. Grinding out lessons has been a double edged sword. Great students, hot weather. Everyday though, there is a a new trick in the back. Big air and big loops are call of the day. Here is my new movie...been grinding a long time now, ready for winter and surf.
Toast and the Pop

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

quick Report

Similar weather will continue through the end of the work week as a healthy trade wind regime persists across the Hawaiian Islands. High pressure to the north will usher in moderate trades along with light windward shower activity, mainly in the morning. A North Pacific storm system will weaken the area of high pressure beginning Friday with lighter trades expected over the weekend. Stronger trades look to then rebuild early next week again..

Monday, August 9, 2010


Ok after a breif haitus i'm back. The winds are coming back as well. Look for a couple of days of big wind then a small drop. Overall I would expect bringing down my small kites. It's getting close to surf season...aloha and good luck

Monday, August 2, 2010


Strong surface high to the north of the state to do a little dance over the coming days, wobbling around, changing positions, but never-the-less remaining pretty much the same. Thus, it looks like your basic summer-time trade wind pattern persisting through the upcoming week. Models suggest the trade wind speeds may drop a notch from their current level, although they're still likely to be very healthy. A weak upper trough indicated in the models replacing ridging aloft over the islands tomorrow into Tuesday, suggesting some increasing instability (or at least a deeper trade wind layer), which should result in increased windward and mauka showers...assuming the moisture is available for them. Nothing out of the ordinary though, as far as showers are concerned.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jonnyboy's new movie

Kite Beach Chaos Volume 2 from Jon McCabe on Vimeo.

The Gusties

Ok everyone...It's that time of year again. The Gusties are coming! The Gusties are the annual awards for Kitebeach. Really, it's the first year...so I need some subjects. For Instance, "Best Jumper" So, if you have some ideas for awards, leave a message or shoot me an email at rocket528@hotmail.com. Aloha and Good luck

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lights on

Ok windies, it's light. Now the trend will be like this for a couple more days. I would suggest that you bring all your kites. No surf, except a little bump on south shore wednesday. Aloha and good luck

Friday, July 23, 2010


Ok I shot a video...not sure if google fixed the problem. So, wind looks pretty good. Ne 40degees about 18 plus. Wind for the weekend race series looks great. Aloha and good luck


Looks fun

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Naish Race Series

The Race series last week was super fun. Maybe, if you are lucky, I will enter the surfboard division!!!


Ok windies, today the wind is still out of the north and right now it is blow a steady 18. I see some high clouds which leads me to believe it won't get above 30. Overall looks like great medium kite weather. The surf disappeared. There are whispers of a south kicking on the other, so make your choice. Aloha and good luck

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little more

Taking a look at the West Maui Mountains it looks like a light day...but a little more then yesterday . It looks like the low 20's, so look for a push. Our friend the surf is gone, sadly. It will return in a couple of weeks to keep us honest. Aloha and good luck

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get going

Ok there's surf again....but the wind is light. So hopeflly we get a boost. Bring all your kites today, you never know. So, wish for the best.... Aloha and good luck

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I can't believe it...there's waves!! Ok the wind is a little light but there is a little bump..yeeehaw to play with. So if you are here come on down. Aloha and good luck

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sushi on the Rock

Watch this...then after the successful Fly N Fish kitefishing tournament.

Maui Mini Movie: Sushi on the Rock from Rick Dobrowski on Vimeo.

In coming

Ok windies, the wind forcast was pinch off as the trades are going to stay a little lighter. The waiting period has begun as a small swath of waves may shoot this way. Keep your eyes on the horizon cause there may be a bump or two rolling in for the weekend. 20mph plus for today at 50 degrees from the ene. Aloha and good luck

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

quick Report

An area of weak low pressure formed east of Japan a few days ago and has been slowly edging toward the east-northeast. Another low pushing off from Kamchatka is expected to help fuel this system into a decent out-of-season gale just east of the international dateline and south of the central Aleutian Islands over the next few days. If the model predictions are correct, this system will occlude and could send a fun-sized north-northwest swell toward Hawai`i, arriving around Saturday and lasting for several days. We shouldn’t expect too much, but it should be safe to say that we would see a round of much needed overhead surf. Keep those fingers crossed.

Another crossing

Great job Paul and Aaron. Seeing history being made is awesome.

‘Alenuihāhā channel kite crossing from Paul Franco on Vimeo.

Steady as she goes

Aloha this is rick with mauikitebeachreport . Ok the winds stay consistant and are blowing out of the north at 18 to 22 from about 40+ degrees. By the afternoon is should get in the low 30's. Overall looks like another great day. Aloha and good luck

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Get wrecked

Maui Mini Movie: Blood on the Reef

In the beginning, Jonny get's caught in a death spiral. Watch and laugh at all the antics. Aloha

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fly N Fish

This Sunday 4th of July, the first ever Kitebeach Kite fishing invitational. It is Jackpot: biggest fish takes the purse. Try and ask what we are using for bait, no one is going to tell, it's all top secret. 10 bucks to enter...be there

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Buddy Carson

My buddy Carson wrote this check it out...maybe buy it.. bulathebook.com
Bula  book cover
An excerpt from
Bula: Sailing Across the Pacific

I threw on the raingear and harness and quickly came out of the cabin. I stopped to stare at the dangerous flapping sail. I didn’t want to go up there. Trembling and scared, I was thinking of any possible way to get out of that mess. I thought to myself, you’re the stupid one who wanted to do this alone. I clenched my teeth with a mean sense of determination and crawled up to the bow. My harness line snagged on every entrapment that I passed, so I unlatched the carabineer to make it forward but forgot to reattach it to the safety jack-line.

I had to pull the headsail down completely. I released the halyard and began pulling the sail down. It whipped about, pounding me in the face. I couldn’t do anything but take the lashings. Bula the BoatA flailing sheet ripped another pair of storm glasses off my face and into the ocean. I saw them sinking into the abyss.

Once I got most of it down, the wind was pulling the sail and me over the side with the waves washing over the deck. The sail dangerously filled with seawater. I was hanging onto the sail for my life that was full of hundreds of pounds of seawater. I was having horrible thoughts that if I lost the headsail I could triple my time to Hawaii. I couldn’t let go of it either because the folds of the sail had wrapped around me. I was slipping into Davy’s Grip.

I locked into survival mode. I wasn’t prepared to go over the side forever. I managed to get the sail back on the boat and wrestled it to the cockpit in two pieces. You have to laugh at death—you can’t let it laugh at you.

Sunken barge
Half-sunken barge inside the lagoon of Fanning Island

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trying to get back on

So, no reports lately. Well, it's summer and the trades are going to be on as far as the eye can see. Now, here is blogger explaination:
"The problem was caused by human error. One of our datacenters inadvertently had the wrong server configuration when we performed our regular service update. Once we figured this out, we corrected the problem quickly.
We are in the process of adding additional monitoring that will prevent this kind of outage from recurring.
We are truly sorry for any inconveniences this might have caused you. In the meantime, we will try harder to make Blogger a more reliable service."
Heeeehaw!!!! Live reports as soon as they fix it...Aloha

Friday, June 18, 2010

Steady as a mule

Ok windies, the wind will stay in the moderate range for a couple more days. Steady 20's with tiny surf will be the trend. Kite sizes 8 to 12. Aloha and good luck

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trifecta perfecta

We got all three...surfer, great wind and kickers...so bring your whole quiver down. Today is the tweener day and tomorrow is going to ramp up a bit. Get it now...aloha and good luck.

Monday, June 14, 2010

There's a kicker

Ok windies, the wind is pretty light right now, but it will ramp up as midday approaches. Today will be in the loow 20's and there is some small surf. Looks like a light and easy day. Aloha and good luck


Looks fun...get out there

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Down we go...

Today, was a super fun day, but for more reasons than usual. Me and a bunch of friends did a downwinder. Now, now the funny thing is, I am used to riding upwind, so muscles were backwards. We launched from a secret location. You have to go out 2 miles out by the airport, in the blue water. There was small surf along the way, and the wind was moderate to light. If you want to do a downwinder, Maui is the place. Here is Paul Franco, he is an instructor from KSM, the school next ours doing a down winder. This downwinder is just a "bit" longer than ours. It's good to see kiting going in this direction.
Big Down Winder

Lanai Crossing 2010 from Paul Franco on Vimeo.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Aloha friday

Ok windies, the high pressure has weakened just a hair making the wind a little more managable. The direction is great at 50 degrees. As the day goes on the wind speed wind increase and maybe get atouch gusty.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blow me down

The winds are growling, super east and just plain nasty. If you do decide to go to waiehu bring a medium kite, and watch out for that reef... Aloha and good luck

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Maui Mini Movie: Pro Pool Presence

Alright, I actually moved over to the Pro Pool for some footage this week. I needed some shade. The kiting was unreal and Jesse vs Jonnyboy on skies really never happened. But, I'm going put that on Kiteforum. Youtube shacked me on the song so if you see it on youtube it's some Snoop song. The slow-mo effects took me some time; I think I am going to add one or two a movie. I hope you enjoy...

Maui Kiteboarding: Pro Pool Presence from Rick Dobrowski on Vimeo.

On fire

Ok windies the winds have fired up once again. Small kites only, looks like its going to get to 40, so hold on tight. Aloha and good luck

Monday, June 7, 2010

Nice and steady

Ok windies, looks like that day you see in the magazines or movies. Blue water steady winds and clear skies. Get it while the gettins good, cause the gusties are on the way... Aloha and good luck

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Send in your report

This report is from the master photographer Peter Mcgowan. Check out his photos at www.petermcgowanphotography.com. He is a fan of the repor, so here you go....
Massachusetts Report

Friday, June 4, 2010

Last One: Get ready for next!

Alright, all the rest on the .00001% of the planet Mai-Tai is coming back next year. Check out this Forbes video and have a laugh. I spotted some of my friends in the video. Count on next year double the size of this year...so it will really suck.

Work onsomething new

Ok the wind is more of a breeze, but looks great. A quick shout out to my wife, looks like 11 conditions. Aloha and good luck

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Susi Strikes Back

After "Eat the Rich" it was reported the Susi Mai wasn't well represented. So, check out this video. She throws some pizzazz on them rails. We really can't have any rails here on Maui, they'd blow away. So check out her and the Kite Scoop crew slippin and sliding on plastic.
Mai Crew

Susi's Sessions from Kite Scoop on Vimeo.

Dose crazy boot riders didn't let me have permission, what up wit dat? shoots. Yo, if you wanna check this shit out go to dat crazy site Kitescoop.com This crew is all that...yo betta check yo'self

Small axe

Ok windies, the high pressure is starting to diminish, but there still are winds today. Again, I think we may just crack the 25mph mark. Looks smoothe and gentle for now. No surf, low tide 1133 am aloha and good luck

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer starter

Ok windies, the wind right now is a beautiful 22 from about 45 to 50 from the notheast. It looks like its going to be a super fun day. Look for the lighter trade trend. Aloha and good luck

Monday, May 31, 2010

Eat the Rich

If you were here this last week, there was an invasion. The Mai-Tai clinic, seminar, social, or whatever you call it blew in. I have mixed feelings about it. My first thoughts are that it is a nice boost for the local economy. But, as I saw so many kites in trees, kites into kites, out of control kiters and just plain overcrowding, I was alerted to facts that many kite spots that are very impacted. Here in Maui we are spoiled, that is a fact. But I saw a taste of the dark side, if Maui gets urban sprawled, mega-condoed out or just plain overexposed, I am sure that this is the future. I picked this song for a reason, and you can guess why. Just a little social comment for our friends who came to visit.
The Mai-Tai Circus comes to town

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A whole different game

Today was awesome. The surf came back and I had the whole place to myself for 45 minutes. Anyways, after a while Jonnyboy came out for a visit me in the surf. We had a great time. Jonnyboy, during the winter months is a snow-kite instructor. He made this movie. It is awesome, but it is a totally different game with the same rules. Check out the snow, and enjoy...
Snow and the Big Country

Kickers and surf

Alright, windies and surf rats, the surf came back for a brief stint. If you noticed the wind backed down the last couple of days, well that was due to a front that slid on by, dropping some head high waves to play with. Nothing to big, but I did bring my surf board.... Aloha and good luck

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Light and friendly

Ok windies, looks like another beautiful day. Light trades return to kite beach. As for swell, there is a bump on the horizon but don't expect too much. My guess is for some whitewash on the boneyard. High tide 205 pm. Aloha and good luck

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shodow effect

Ok windies, it's just starting to come in. The wind will bend in and then come out in the late afternoon. Medium to big kites are the call. High tide 1216 pm. Aloha and good luck.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maui Mini Movie: Flashbang

Week in review: Last week was howling. It seemed like it never dropped below 30. Everyone rode 6,7 or 8's. With the roving squalls, many times I felt overpowered when the 40's came in. This May was definitely unlike last May when we had no wind at all. The heavy wind kept the Pro Pool empty or at least shadowed. At the end of the movie you see a guy getting barraged by a extremely powerful squall all the while getting dragged trough a low-tide Boneyard. He was a 9m and lost his board...probably being used in Waiehu for a table by now. It's good to see legend Flash Austin back in action throwing a beautiful butter-slide.

Forecast: Windy...watch out for the Mai-Tai crew, they are clogging up the Pro-Pool drain. I have a special video for them next week!!! Aloha and Good luck

Monday, May 24, 2010

Take a lesson

I listen to everything I see on TV or the internet. After all they are a series of tubes. Check out this from kitesite.com. I really like the way this is done. I am still working on being this professional. Good job.

Free and clear

Alright windies, it looks like a beautiful day. The wind is still blow at and around 30mph. The direction looks better, and not a cloud in the sky. High tide 102pm. Aloha and good luck.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bagus: Extra Quality

Almost another one past, but it didn't get by. Check out this Indo action. I am slowly trying to figure out how to get my movies better. Here is the key....quality! That's it. Enjoy

Making of BAGUS MOVIE - Indonesia from Ne3ko - Claps on Vimeo.

Mauikitebeachreport weekend update

Looks like a beautiful day to cruise around and have some fun. Pretty wind, high 20's to low 30's. The angle got a pinch more north, about 70 degrees. Aloha and good luck

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dog days of summer

Solar Flair

Hot Toast

Shawn revving up

Shawn throwing down

Who's coming to Maui? The waves are gone and there is a permanent shadow from the Easties in the Pro Pool. Now, if you are coming here don't trust the Windguru/Ikitesurf wind forecasts. There are notoriously light on the readings. Bring your small kites. I don't mean your 9m. This is a medium kite in Maui. Today, it went from the low 30's to mid 40's in a matter of minutes. I have heard whispers of people getting 4's. Now if you live here, manage your body. I know, I just reached the 35 in a row mark, and my Tigger springs broke. Take days off, go to East side and swim in some waterfalls and keep those batteries charged. Only 4 more months until the surf comes back. Aloha Friday

Aloha friday

Looks super fun, bring those small kites. Low tide 407 pm small surf at boneyard. Aloha and good luck

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maui Water Girl

So you wanna teach your wife/girlfriend to kite. Goodluck, I am a full time instructor who almost lost it many times. I gave her 20 lessons and we filed for divorce 19 times. Now she is up wind and having fun. It took a lot of patience, time and I learned more about me than her. I would like her to learn to jump and explore the reefs like I did, and just sometimes to go it alone. This is for her. Aloha and good luck.
Power and upwind

Shadow man

Ok looks windy,so bring dem small kites. No surf, low tide 231 pm aloha and good luck

Monday, May 17, 2010

Inside move

Ok looks like its setting for a beautiful. Flat water and moderate wind should be the call. High tide 351pm. Aloha and good luck

Here is the Answer.

After mass speculation, and multiple suggestions, Shawn took hours of time and took on teams of researchers. His decision, was based on thousands of documents, and an ancient text the was dug up in 1867 in Kahului pond. This text was thought to be of alien origin. I know present you "The Miracle Whip"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nice from the north

We had a little break and then the wind shifted to the north yesterday. Today it looks like it stayed. Medium kites and really steady wind, overall looks super fun. High tide 203 pm. Aloha and have fun

Friday, May 14, 2010

And away we go

Aloha Friday, looks pretty smoothe right now but as the day goes on there will be a ramping of the wind. I predict high 20's to low 30's. Hopefully it won't turn too east. Nada surf, high tide at 132 pm. A to the g

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Send one for the nipper

When the late spring swells hit the are small and gutless. The kicker looks like the way to go. I finally think the trades are back and that up and down shit is gone for a bit. High tide is at 102pm. Looks like it's gonna be a fun day. Aloha and good luck

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Calm before the...

Ok right now it's calm, but I think a mid afternoon run will be good. Hopefully that swell will arrive and we wil have some fun waves to play with. Aloha and good luck

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Maui Kitebeach Report Exclusive

OK Shawn Richman hasn't giving me the name to this move. So if you have any suggestions leave a comment and I will give it to him. I like to call it the "Double Stuff Hand-dragger!!" Any more...post a comment.
The Richman Hour

The Original

A long time ago in galaxy far, far away, there were five guys who didn't really care about kiting. The five were Brian, Jason, Nick, Dave and me, and we had seen kiting but weren't that interested. This is where each of us had a different story. My story is there was this crazy pedi-cab driver who always came around in Santa Barbara and talked about how great kiting was and how we were missing it. We would rather drive down to Rincon and go surf. When we went to Texas, sure as shit, he was there, kiting everyday. Eventually, he wore us down, and we all kite today. I haven't seen him in years, but here is his latest video. Good Job Skipper!!

Bigger kites today

Alright windies the wind has lightened up but still looks super fun. I would aim for a morning session because yesterday it drop to nil at 4pm. Here is the secret forcast... Fun sized surf tomorrow, so get those surfboards ready. Aloha and good luck

Monday, May 10, 2010

Here we are

Watch this and enjoy!!!

2 way street

Today it is going to be light in the morning and a little south. As the day progresses we might get the heating effect. Of coarse, the wind might go south. I am betting on heating. Surf: none High tide:109pm

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grab and go

Use you Hand

Just a reminder, you can do every trick in the world, but make it look good you need to grab. Here is the usual list of grabs. I like to remind all of you how a grab can affect the element of style. If you look at all the great kiters, or for that matter boarders, there is a grab in there somewhere. The grab is the key. So stab and grab.
Report: A gale formed on the dateline Sun (5/9) with 30-35 kt northwest winds and 18 ft seas aimed a bit west of the Islands. Maybe some sideband swell to result. But after that no swell producing weather systems are forecast. Realistically, GFL, flat, flat and more flat.

Nice and easy

Ok the wind looks like it lightened up a bit making it more managable. Clear skied and a little high cloud cover tells me it's going to be moderate. The 55e direction should bring about the normal gusts. No surf, high tide at 1236. Aloha and good luck

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Light wind daze

OK the Oahu boys have the same idea as us, ride anything...ride everything. To develop great style you have go to your creative side and see what turns up. Some things work, others don't, but really you can make just about any go. Top Hat rides with a pulley bar, and this is old school without de-power. I really think this looks super fun, so windies go out to your backyard, rip apart that old fence and ride it. This could be the funnest day of your life.
Top Hat standing on the fence

Rainy 20mph

The rain just keeps coming down. As for the wind it's pretty fickle right now, with some squall lines turning it up then backing off. As the day goes on the moisture should back off. I would bring all my kites due to the winds up down nature. No surf...low tide in the afternoon. Aloha and good luck.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Better direction 40degees 25mph

Aloha, alright looks a little better right now, but there seems to be a lot of moisture floating around. If we can get some clearing could be great. Today mid 20's so bring small kites, especially when the squalls come in..aloha and good luck

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Super e 75 still light

Ok windies, the needs some heat to get the wrap we need. I would say as the afternoon goes on, it will get a little better. Surf has taken a vacation...aloha and good luck

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hadow and the troll

"Aaron Hadlow, five-time freestyle kiteboarding world champion, decided not to compete in the 2010 PKRA World Tour and is planning a kitesurfing videogame for the near future." The first thing I ask myself is...How old is this guy? He's 22. Then about 20 more things popped in my brain, kiteboarding must have tore this guys body to pieces. Everyone always asks me...What's my best trick? Not getting hurt, is always my same answer. As for the video game, well I think this is great idea. Firing up some neurons while learning the dimensions of kite flying would be great for the students. But for me, I always wanted to do a Front loop handlepass with back flip aka “the hurricane”. You better check yourself.
Hadlow Video Game
Can anyone figure out the controls?

Shadowed 20mph e 60 small surf

Ok windies, looks pretty windy so far, but east. Maybe with a little heating convection there could be put more north. These spring have small teeth and are short lasting. 1218 low tide. Aloha and good luck

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

22mph 50e fun

Ok looks like a great day. The wind is already coming in steady 22+from the east. Also, there is ne swell running about 2-4 with occasional bigger sets. Aloha and good luck

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lights out

So we had a brief period of light winds, I could only do so much yard work. What do you do? Well, my buddy Mark let me tool around on his 15m, and I brought down my 9'6" longboard. It was super fun, even when the wind dropped down to nothing. The general rule is: if the kite can stay in the air, then you need to be riding. In this case, I had to get a little more creative.

Report: Looks like the winds are going to ramp-up as the high pressure rebuilds, the low passes and the vog goes away. Tomorrow should be fun, then as the week goes on, the wind goes to large.
Beyond Blazing Boards

Smoothe as butter

Sunday, May 2, 2010

When things grow legs...

Recently, I had a reader ask me about buying gear on Craig's List. He went on to tell me the guy sounded sketchy and really didn't know much about the gear. He wondered, "How do I know if this wasn't stolen?" So, I scoured the web to look for specific rules or what to do's to know if the new kite you just bought doesn't end up at the cop shop as evidence. What I found or for that manner didn't find, made me think...I need to come up with rules! So here are my rules:
Lost and Found:
1. Mark all kites, boards and harnesses with your name, you number and reward.
2. Write down the serial #'s and put it in a drawer.
3. You come to the beach with 4 things: Kite/lease, bar/lines, harness, board; leave with them too.
Now things get a little contradicting,
4. Don't give the homeless money for reward, call the police.
5. Ask around all beaches, check the schools, check the shops, ask the homeless and offer a reward, check on-line, ie. Craig's List, check pawn shops, leave notes.
6. If you find stuff, give it to the schools or hold it for at least 1 month, put a post on Craig's list, talk to everyone. Don't expect a reward but if you get one it's a nice gesture. Give a reward cause it's a nice gesture.

Buying Kites:

1. If you can afford it, buy from your local retailer.
2. Buy from friends that you know or referrals of friends.
3. On Craig's list, ask lot's of questions, if the guy know his stuff it should be alright.
4. If it sounds suspect then, back out and report to Craig's List as fraud or scam.

OK, here are some general rules, I'd really like some reponces, suggestions, are any other ideas you have about this. Really, I don't need stories. So, in this case, the more rules, the better. Aloha and good luck

Friday, April 30, 2010


A little more art and style. I am always going to push this. When I teach and ride the creativity flows. Watch and enjoy!
Lance Mountain and Craig Stecyk

E 22 low tide fever

Ok the wind looks pretty fun. The heating affect has turned the wind in, and it looks steady. Hopefully it won't go all kona on us.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The swap

Kitesites came to town and did a little video work. It looked great. Check the opening air by Sam, middle air with Oliver and the end air by Greg. The whole video is coming out soon. I will let you know. So, still working on getting a location to get the daily back on the air. Which reminds me, the Kona's are making a brief visit, so I will have some time.

Report: Not looking to good for a couple of days. Break out the blimps or the snorkels. Next week we are back in business.
Kite-sites preview

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bad Luck

Full Moon

Lately there has been some bad luck shadowing the beach. I think it all started when Cole got assaulted at Pro Beach. That's to quick actions of Jack, Cole was OK. Jack was basically a hero for stepping in. Then, a couple of days ago Greg almost got his face peeled off by a snapping line. Worse, Mike on a bike, got run over by a car by a drunk driver while jogging back to the Aqua van. The guy was drunk and Mike is in the hospital, broke ribs and ankle. Lastly, Tim in the big gusts, had the cartilage separate from ribs. So, everyone we are a community, keep an eye on everyone. If you are coming to visit, lock your shit up. If you live here, and something isn't right, step in, help out, and live Aloha

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Alright, kite fans the old computer crashed. So, I am just slipping by with what I got. I am also trying to get a proper video widget for the sidebar, so I can get a good report to you. Just wait, it's coming.

Report: Super stellar today, flat water fun 25 solid without a nip of gust. A small to low-end moderate northwest swell is also expected to reach Hawai`i's winter shores. This one also isn't expected to provide much surf until tomorrow. It is much more likely that we'll have to wait until late Monday to see any of this action, and the swell will peak well under advisory levels. It should stick around through the middle of the week, however, and of course we will take whatever we can get this late in the season.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Movie Night 2: Core slider Jam

This one I scooped outta Kitescoop. These guys are the wake style guys. Watch and enjoy a little different side to kiting.
http://www.coreonlinemagazine.com/index ... video/1167

Copy and paste both URL's....enjoy your evening

Naish House 2

Alright...the new Naish House 2 video just came out. I pretty much like it. The kiting was good. The filming was good. Maybe a little too much lifestyle. Jaws as always looked scary. Overall, Maui mid-winter fun, watch and enjoy.

Report: More fun...wind in the next couple of days might lighten up a bit. A couple of swells back to back are lining up, so keep your surfboards ready

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paint the banana

OK...If any of you have seen my strapless surfboard, it is yellow like a banana. I actually have been waiting for these guys to make this video. I have used paint pens before. I have used BOSCO, and they work great. So, all you artist, go get your paint on and let's see what you got. After, watching the beach today I know there are some Van Gogh's out there.
Make a masterpiece

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eric Rienstra: Ratsy Alumni

Where's the wind?

Eric Rienstra, former Ratsy house alumni in Waiheu goes rogue. I love to see one of the old kite beach boys in training for the SSS. Flying a blimp, bouncing around on a trampoline, rolling down a sand hill, hardcore intense training. I really like the grainy out of focus shots from a Go-pro. I will find Eric's email so we know where to send the donations for the skateboarding ticket. Happy 420 Eric!

Report: So, some guy in Hood River said it was going to be 17 today. Hey bro, it wasn't 17 today...try 35+. Tomorrow, looking like it's going to be in the mid to high 20's in the morning. My mango tree is shaking so look for some strong wind.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Movie Night: Manera

My buddy Dave from SD called me up and told me about this one. First of all click on Vimeo and watch this one in HD. The kitesurfing in this one is really excellent. Watch the surfing lines these guys take, they are right on par. The videography is also spectacular. I know they are strapped, but Mitu does meet my requirement...a surfboard converted. This video is fresh and F-One does a great job on this one. Hopefully, I will get a new faster computer at the end of summer to make my HD look this good.
This is how you do it!

F-One Manera - Cabo Verde from F-One Kiteboarding Americas on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

So you wanna go strapless????

Alright, so you've seen all your buddies out lately, and you noticed that most of them aren't even riding twin tips anymore. It is no longer a trend, just a plain reality, that riding a surfboard with no straps is the way to go. It is super fun, super easy and it just takes a little practice to jib one them suckers. Now, the good part, you don't have to spend a ton of money on a new surfboard. There are about a million 5'10's to 6'5's out there for really cheap or even free. So, you don't have to and spend a ton of money on a fun machine. This truly is the ultimate recycling. This video below shows you how to turn that yard sale, tar infested, broken nosed kiddie board into the ultimate strapless wave catching machine. Aloha and good luck!!
What does a kiter call a surfer???? In the way!

Surf Sufficient- Surfy Old Board Fix Up pt.1 from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blue Train

Hour 4

Like a jazz musician, the kite can be played many ways. It lightens up, it pulses, it breathes. Each power stoke, is a calculated symphonic chord. On light wind days, it mostly is just riding to ride. Slow and easy or fast and harmonic, the day passes as the wind ebbs and flows from the forces of nature. Today, I rode for 5 hours, mostly just cruising, just spending some time with myself. Pushing the limits of your body, relaxes the mind after this I will sit in the dark reflecting.

Report: Tomorrow: Still light, probably in the high teens to low twenties. Bring your raincoat, in the afternoon expect a burst of water. After that, back to fun and windy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting caught outside

In the world of ocean sports we all have to learn how to swim. I haven't really got into that much, but basically it's all about relaxation. If you ever watch me when I go out, I stay to inside, unless I am catching waves. I have said many times that I don't like to swim, this is in reality totally false. I just like to catch a free ride when I swim. I have gotten pounded many times on many different beaches. Watch this: I just eat this stuff up.
Report: The wind relaxes or turns more the south? Either way it will be light.
Sink or swim

Dom body surf shippies from Damien Wills on Vimeo.