Monday, February 28, 2011

Hawaii Stylee-2

Legend Larry Bertlemann one of Hawaii's premiere style masters from the seventies. Watch the rail to rail with the power carves on the single fin. Sometimes, it is good to go through archives, watching and learning from the masters. Kitesurfing is not so removed from 70's style surfing. I love watching the power turning and slashing. To have style is to have originality. There is nothing wrong with grabbing some concept from a previous generation, but making it your own is the difficult part. Find something, master it, change it with your own signature. Don't copy it, and assume you are going to get respect. Aloha and good luck.

Larry Bertlemann 16mm Shredding - Sea Movies from on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maui Mini Movie: Opacity

Sleazy J and the boys have a little fun at Secrets. Do you know where Secrets is? Let me give you a hint, it's somewhere between a sewage treatment plant and a tiger shark breeding ground. The fishermen will throw rocks at you and the reef is as sharp as razors. It takes a 4x4 to get there and when you get back to your car the tires might be missing. And if you are really unlucky the locals will cut your lines if they see you on land with your kite. Aloha and good luck.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jonnyboy- Snowkiter Extrodienare

" Frisco local Jon McCabe swept the three races in Friday's fleet racing event at the Dillon Reservoir stop on the North American Snowkite Tour, he said he surprised even himself.

“I wanted it,” said the snowkiter of about four years. But he knew he was up against “the guys that have been beating him for two years,” who have been maneuvering on snowkites for twice to three times as long.

He expected to be a contender in last weekend's Dillon Snowkite Open, but said “anything can happen” on the reservoir — getting tangled with others' kites at the start, crossing the starting line too early, wind dying upon the start, even going the wrong way if the participant isn't paying attention.

“You try not to make mistakes and have a game plan — know where to tack, where to head and how to read the wind,” he said. “You have to be in constant awareness of what the wind's doing because it changes a lot on Dillon Reservoir. It's one of the hardest places to sail because the wind changes so much.”

McCabe, who isn't among the tour's top racers overall but will travel to Utah to compete again, races on skis. There was also a professional snowboarding as well as an amateur category, he said. And there are a few other events, such as Thursday's winduro distance race — the course leaves Dillon Marina, hits the middle of the reservoir, heads to the Breckenridge inlet, back to the middle and back to Dillon. It's about 10 miles round-trip, Colorado Kite Force owner and North American Snowkite Tour event organizer Anton Rainold said.

Event participants came from Colorado, Puerto Rico, Russia, Utah, California and more.

“It was a diverse crowd,” McCabe said.

The freestyle segment of the tour was on Saturday, and a demo day for beginners and intermediate kiters to try training kites and test out the sport was on Sunday. McCabe said he saw folks of all ages trying out the sport — from youth to the elderly.

“It showed snowkiting off to the county,” Rainold said about the event. “The weather was unbelievable. The spectators were out in full force. I think it was an eye-opener for the Town of Dillon ... what the reservoir could be used for in winter.”

The Snowkite Open has been held in Dillon the past two years and in Breckenridge for the seven years prior. Rainold teaches lessons in an inlet area of the reservoir near Breckenridge because he can groom the snow and “students don't get lost and blow to the other side of the lake.” Though, he said, the wind is often better in Dillon. "

By Janice Kurbjun
summit daily news

Jonnyboy...good job showing those kite hillbillies how to do it Maui style.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Missing parts

Everybody gets thrashed now and then. First, my buddy Mark got a bunch of stitches in his leg on a really light wind day at Naish Beach. Then my buddy Peter had to get stitches in H-Bay when his board plowed in his head. Everyone has to take a beating now and then...this is a video shot at the same time as "Tales From the Darkside"
The best part of this video is I landed the dude with the missing finger and grabbed his shit. He looked freaked out. "Hey...will you land my kite" I saw the blood spewing for his hand. I landed him. He walked over, then I got a good look at his finger...more like half his finger. "Do you need a ride to hospital?" " friends will take me there." "I'll watch your shit" He ran off.

Stumped on the sea shore from Sam Medysky on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nothing but Smiles

Yesterday we had all the elements in place: solid swell, solid wind, and solid fun. I knew that the surf was big when I walked out to my garden and could hear the rumble of the waves, I am five miles from the beach. I knew it was going to be huge just by looking at the triangle of whitewash at Outer Sprecks. This indicator shows that the surf is 20 feet plus and maybe even bigger. Walking my dog for his morning shitter I felt a nice trade breeze blowing from the northeast. All things were lining up. Little did I know, Jaws was being paddled in by a bunch of hell-men. Check out the article on Surfline... After my lesson I finally got out, and it was sick. I love choosing the size of the wave as you ride, from doh to waist high crackers. All in was a really good brick in the wall. Aloha and Good luck

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kiteboard for Cancer

Maui's KB for Cancer

We are thrilled to announce our Kiteboarding, SUP, and Surf Survivorship Camps! These camps are for cancer survivors ages 18-40 and aim to foster self-confidence and strengthen survivorship through kiteboarding, standup paddling, surfing and other outdoor adventure experiences.

These camps will take campers on an experience of a lifetime that will both challenge and inspire each person involved. With a team of professional instructors and experienced watermen and women, we will safely embrace some of the great powers of nature — wind, swell, and water — to overcome physical or psychological limitations as you face life after cancer.

Camps will run for 6 days, and will take place in locations that can accommodate a safe learning environment while offering some variety in recreational and cultural activities. And most of all, make it FUN! These camps are FREE for accepted applicants to attend. Airfare is not included.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Maui Mini Movie: Tales from the Darkside

Opening day kitebeach and the boys were throwing down. It's fun to have a super good morning sess ripping up the waves and then in the afternoon go and shoot some of the guys riding the boots in the pro pool. Wake style tricks are always the most technical; and if you can catch a grab in the mix all the more better. Unhook, spin, invert, handle-pass, grab are all the actions during one move. I would personally try some of these but I am made of old pretzels. Aloha and Good Luck

Maui Mini Movie: Tales from the Darkside from Rick Dobrowski on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011